About Company : AKS Resource Center is a development sector consultancy firm which works with National and International NGO's,LSO's, CSO's, CBO's, Trusts, Charity based organizations, Local, operating in any part of Pakistan.

AKS Resource Center has more than 8 years of working experience and has a strong team of more than 22 full time staff/ consultants having expertise in different program areas. So far AKS Resource Center has worked with more than 30 Organizations from Pakistan and provided them assistance in different program areas.

AKS Resource Center believes that Pakistan, being a developing country has huge potential for Local, National and International Non Government Organizations (NGO's) . State institutions, either due to lack of resources & capacity or mishandling of public funds have remained unable to fulfill basis needs of a common person including health, education, infrastructure to provision of basis rights.

AKS Resource Center is always supportive to newly established and self sustaining organizations by providing them low rate services and free advisory & institutional development support.

AKS Resource Center gathers information about latest developments in sector though its website and Email services to a more than 3500 active Organizations working in different parts of Pakistan.

In this scenario AKS Resource Center is supporting and working Development Sector Organizations to play a role in solving the issues and needs of their respective communities. by supporting in following sectors:

1.  Institutional Development
   Profiles, Websites, Policies and Procedures (SoP's etc)
2.  Funding Opportunities Alerts(FOA) Service
   (Scanning of Open call for Proposals and funding's in Pakistan)
3.  Project Development
   (Writing Proposals on different Development, Advocacy and Awareness, Emergency Relief Themes)
4.  IEC Material Development
   ( Development and Printing of Posters, Brouchers, Banners, Manuals etc)
5.  Trainings
   (Capacity Building on different themes for Professionals & Community members etc)
6.  Baselines/ Studies
   (Research, Studies, Assessments, Evaluations and External Monitoring services to all parts of Pakistan)

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CPEC Admission open for Following Courses on Limited Seats as First Come First Serve Basis
China Language Course 3 Month   Short Course
English Language (Speaking) 3 Month  & 6 Month
DiplomaOne Year & Two Years
 Diploma In Project Management
 Diploma In Disaster Management
 Diploma In Not For Profit(NGO) Management
Statistical Package For Social Sciences (SPSS)
Office Automation
Diploma In Informational Technology (DIT)
Technical & Vocational Courses Short & Advance

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