CPEC Introduction

CPEC IntroductionThe aim of education is to make a person intelligent enough to take decisions logically, knowledgeable enough to take up a right career path and skilled enough to be self-supportive. Only mugging up facts and developing an ability to read and write does not fulfill the real aim of education. A truly educated person is one who can use his education to be self-dependent. Nowadays, the career market has become extremely competitive. The large number of career options and mob of institutes offering them often puzzle candidates to choose the right one. It is important to choose a right career as your every step in future depends on this decision. Getting a professional education is important for shaping your career to move towards a right direction. Especially in a developing country like Pakistan, professional education is of utmost importance. Dentistry, teaching, business management, accounting, librarianship, forestry and nursing are some of the professional careers and the list is by no means complete. Technical education will help a person to become self-employed even if he does not get a job. This can help to reduce the number of unemployed persons and will also help in the economic development of the country. Education for Self Supporting
The aim of education is not only to literate a person, education should be self-supporting. Only becoming able to read and write books does not fulfill the aim of education. Education should help a person to become self-dependent. For this, the importance of technical and professional education has taken place. The country which is strong in technical education, becomes economically sound and developed. Technical and professional education helps a person to become self-dependent or getting employed in any related sector instead of depending on government to provide him employment.

Necessity of Technical Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many people get education with higher degrees but stay unemployed after completing the education. Because they run after the government or private jobs and wait until they get a suitable job. Sometimes they don't get employment or get a job which doesn't match their qualification. This leads to frustration and harassment in the youth of our country. So, now a days the importance is given to technical or professional education. When a person is trained technically in a particular field, he does not depend on the jobs, he can become self employed by starting his own work.
With the growing demand of career oriented education, management education has gained a huge popularity.
Center for Professional Education & Communication (CPEC) is one of the top management institutes in Pakistan consistently endeavoring to provide high-quality education to young management aspirants.ed to pinpoint and understand the nature of the opportunities or challenges they face. Our experts with analytical skills and strategic insights bring pragmatic integrated solutions to let them perform evidence-based decision-making.